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Let’s be honest, it’s 2015, everyone wants digital files of their newborn pictures.  Actually, our (yes, I said OUR) obsession of digital images goes well beyond professional photography. We obsess over taking pictures of everything, from first baths to bike rides, to first days of school; and we keep those pictures near and dear to our heart – on our phones. 😉  Do you see the problem? Even I,  a photographer myself, am guilty of this. Whether my pictures are on Instagram, Facebook, or my website, they are most often only in digital form and viewed from my phone.  I do have portraits hanging in my home; but some, eerrrrr most, of them are years out of date. For that, there is no good excuse.

Recently, I read an article that talked about the value of having family portraits that are printed and visible daily in your home.  Studies show that seeing those family portraits regularly helps children to have a constant feeling that they belong, are cared for, and are important.  Wow!  I am sure most all parents would agree that they would go to great lengths to help boost their son or daughter’s self esteem. In reality though, this isn’t a great length; it isn’t time consuming, and doesn’t even have to be expensive.  We just need to follow through by taking those digitals off of our phones and putting them on the walls.

So, do I sell digital files? ABSOLUTLEY! And furthermore I believe in the reasons that everyone wants them.  Besides, would anyone even hire me if I didn’t sell digital files?!!  That beingg said,  I also  offer beautiful finished products. I love to turn your digital files into gallery wrapped canvases, keepsake albums, and wall and desk portraits to be framed.  The truth is,  it doesn’t matter whether I am designing a gorgeous heirloom album, or if you are printing your iPhone pictures yourself, as long as you and your kids can see and touch those pictures you’ve helped your kids get a leg up in this the crazy beautiful world. XOXO!


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