My Baby Loves Legos | Newborn Photographer Columbus

My own baby, my first first baby, is officially 7 & a HALF years old.  That HALF makes him closer to 8 years old by the day, and to me, saying “eight” is really hard.  Eight just seems old. It is half way to 16 for goodness sake.  What happened to my perfectly happy, content, BABY boy?  Where did my tightly swaddled, pacifier loving, good eating, sound sleeping, newborn baby boy go? In the past 7 years we have traded in the pacifier and swaddle blankets for athletic wear, the stroller for a 20″ bike and his bottles are now filled with gatorade.  The eating habits – well, he still eats nonstop. He’s still my baby though, right?

One goal that I set for 2015 is to create more video footage of both of my boys. Videos that will help me to savor time and that they can enjoy when they look back on them as parents of their own. Right now, legos are helping us survive the cold winter here in Columbus, Ohio.  In December I made a stop motion video using nearly 200 still pictures of him assembling a Lego truck.

And while we are talking about my baby and legos, shortly after Christmas our train table – turned lego table – was maxed out and required us to overhaul our play area. The below image shows our new Lego table that we built using four Trofast Storage bins from Ikea. For the table top we used a simple MDF board purchased at our local Home Depot. We rounded the corners (with 2 active boys someone is bound to get hurt by sharp corners) and painted the top. We used velcro to attached the table top to the storage bins so that we can remove it when our boys grow past the Lego stage. The bins around the table are filled with all of their toys, not just Legos. We wanted it to be a catch all – space saving table! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

1newborn photographer lego table using Ikea Trofast storage

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