Hi. I’m Fran. I’ve never tried ketchup, a taco, or coffee. I stash my birthday money away (in my underwear drawer) for MONTHS. I turn into a terrified child at the sight of bugs. And I’m a photographer.

Once upon a time, I worked in civil engineering. What does civil engineering have to do with photographing newborns? Nothing, really. But the same personality traits that make a great engineer – obsessive attention to detail, never-ending patience, and perseverance – are the keys to success when working with newborn babies.

I have two young boys that are fearless, energetic, and eager to explore the world. My heart fills up when I am able to capture their playful exploration in conjunction with amazing natural light. Chasing them to catch the perfect moment also counts as my cardio!

Natural light newborn photography is my specialty. My style is soft, simple, natural, and timeless. I work tirelessly for my clients to catch the true essence of a newborn baby so that the memory is preserved forever.

If you are expecting a baby I would love to plan a newborn session and share in this very special time with you.

Fran Barker